With more than 35 years of experience, Mr. A. K. Singh is a pioneer of educational reforms. He hasserved as the member of Education Committees, NMMC for 10 years; member of SSC/HSC Mumbai Divisional Board, Vashi for 5 years and Principal of Smt.Sushila devi Deshmukh Vidyalaya and Junior College, Navi Mumbai, amongst others for 14 years. He was awarded as the ‘Best Teacher’ during the year 2003 by the Govt. of Maharashtra. He has worked as a senior teacher as well as house master in G. D. Somani Memorial School (I.C.S.E), Cuffe Parade, Mumbai for 18 years. He has also worked as a senior teacher in one of the reputed schools in Bandra, named St. Stanislaus High School. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. A. K. Singh and his highly competent team, many reputed educational institutes haveflourished, to name a few:

1. Brio World Academy, C.B.S.E. School, Azamgarh (U.P.)
2. S.S.M. College of Education, Kalyan
3. S.S.M. Junior College of Science & Commerce, Kalyan
4. Hill Spring Junior College of Science & Commerce, Kalyan
5. Swami Vivekananda High School and Juni or College of Science & Commerce, Navi Mumbai
6. G. C. Junior College of Education (B.T.C.), Azamgarh (U.P.)
7. G. C. College of Education (B.Ed.)
8. R.S.S. Junior College of Education, Azamgarh (U.P.)


Rohit Poddar is the visionary that has taken the Poddar Brand to the next level. He has all the arsenal to spread the wings of his empire, worldwide. He has studied at Cathedral School Mumbai, Winchester College (UK) and holds a B.Sc. (Hons) Degree in Civil Engineering and Business Management from Kings College London, UK. He is also a fellow of the Aspen Institute India for the India Leadership Initiative focusing on business ethics and was also voted one of the 200 Global Young Leaders by Asia Society in 2010. Rohit Poddar is the Managing Director of Poddar Developers Ltd. and the Poddar Group. He is also the Director in several of the Poddar Group Companies. Since 2 decades, he has been handling various businesses such as automobile tyre manufacturing, textile & apparel manufacturing and organic farming.

Mr. Poddar is the visionary behind the affordable housing venture for the Poddar Group, which was flagged off in 2009, and is on numerous policy panels on affordable housing at the State and National level. He co-founded the Organically Grown brand in the US A in 2005, which is an organic lifestyle brand.

Poddar Education

Poddar Group has been at the forefront of shaping tomorrow’s global citizens with world-class education. Poddar Brio International School is designed to be a true centre of learning, a place where students enjoy the thrill of learning new thingsevery day. Here learning is not an imposition, interference or a theft of freedom - but an excitement, and the key to a greaterfreedom than they have ever known. The success of Poddar Group is largely due to its trained, qualified and committedteaching team and the extensive use of state-of-the-art technology in teaching.

125 years of Glorious Poddar Legacy

‘The Poddar Group’ is one of India's oldest business houses that dates back to the year 1690 and boasts a legacy of 10 generations. For over 125 years, Poddar Group has been synonymous with integrity and trust. The Group has a rich legacy of development - Developing the skyline of Mumbai and nearby areas, as well as developing the next generation of global citizens through imparting knowledge in their educational institutions. The Group is also one of the leading companies in the Automobile, Tyre Manufacturing, Textile and Apparel Manufacturing and Organic Farming sectors.

Vision Mission Motto


Poddar Brio International School aims to be an institution of excellence dedicated to producing principled, balanced and open-minded thinkers of tomorrow.


To fulfill the vision, Poddar Brio International School provides an environment to tap and nurture the latent potential of every student through a focused pursuit of knowledge, skills and values which blend with his persona, giving him an identity as an individual, social being and a citizen of the nation and world at large.


Poddar Brio International School believes in providing children with an environment that integratesindividual and group learning with playing, knowledge, reasoning, creativity, discipline & freedom - all into a seamless mix of experiences, discoveries and structured inputs. Poddar Brio International School is designed to be a true centre of learning, a place where students enjoy the thrill of learning new things every day. Here learning is not an imposition, interference or a theft of freedom - but an excitement, and the key to a greater freedom than they have ever known. Inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s vision for an educated community, Poddar Brio International School imbibes the spirit of creativity and co-curricular excellence that complements the academic learning beautifully.

Principal’s Message

Ms. Shibani Das
(M. Sc. B. Ed.)

Dear Parents/Guardians, It is truly a great pleasure and honor to be on board to serve ‘The Poddar Brio International School’ and the community at large as your newly appointed Principal. As the person entrusted with being the face and flag bearer of the institution,I look forward to creating a positive, enduring and long lasting association with you, the students, and our dedicated staff, to provide the best possible educational and all-round experience to our students.
“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high where knowledge is free where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls where words come out from the depth of truth...” The above lines written by India’s first Nobel Laureate, RabindranathTagore, amply exemplifies the need for holistic development of an individual. I am enthusiastic to engage in my new role and to continuemy journey as an educator with effective leadership. In thisyear of inception of our school it is only apt to say that weexpect our students to excel academically, imbibe life skillsand contribute positively to the society as future globalcitizens of the world. It is important in modern context to beable to think globally and act locally, while upholding ourculture and tradition.
Being a new and upcoming school, there will be challenges,some known and some unknown. I look forward to tacklingchallenges that lie ahead with your support and cooperation.Together, I am sure, the journey that we embark upon, willensure quality education, sustainable growth and developmentthrough necessary adjustments and policy decisions asdeemed important by the school.
Wholesome educational process, in my opinion, is a remarkableamalgamation of unearthing the unknown and revisitingthe known. The process involves assimilation, synthesis andpropagation of thought processes of our young genre oflearners and the need for them to be encouraged and guided on the right path. The belief is, sky is NOT the limit.

Teaching Methodology

Personal Attention :

We have kept our overall teacher to student ratio at 1:20, so that the individual needs of every child are met. This enables us to maintain small teaching groups and take care of difficulties and special needs of the students

Teachers :

The teachers in Poddar Brio International School are outstanding, enthusiastic, creative and ‘devoted to teaching’, individuals who bring out the best in every student.
The Poddar Brio International School teachers necessarily have:
• Certification as a t eacher from the Government certifying authority
• An appropriate and required educational degree in the area of their expertise, for them to be the faculties in Poddar Brio International School.
• Adequate teaching experience with innovative teaching techniques to engage every student in the classroom

Ongoing Professional Development :

Weekend in-house workshops and regular guidance sessions are held to strengthen our teaching and learning process. Teachers are also sent for teacher trainings, educational conferences and professional workshops in India and abroad. Novel and effective teaching methods are often introduced in the classroom environment to enhance classroom management and teaching learning process.

Mentoring Programme :

Morning time is set aside by the student mentors once a week to talk to their peer group in the classroom regarding expectations and learning outcomes such as:
• Skill developed over the week to be applied in studies
• The classroom environment during teaching andlearning hours
• Celebration of events and achievements.
• Peer relationships, its influence on each other with respect to learning in the classroom, and also on the development of thoughts and behavior of each individual.
• Excellent spoken and written English to communicate effectively with the students and parents
• Application of commitment, enthusiasm and preparedness within the classroom environment tobring out the best in every student.
• Pleasant personality with good state of mind and health.