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My son is a science student at Poddar Brio International School. The school has an excellent infrastructure and qualified professors who make the entire learning process exciting. During the Pandemic, the school was able to smoothly transition to an online mode and seamlessly deliver coursework to students. The school made every effort to administer the CBSE board’s practical tests in accordance with the board's standards, taking into account the needs of all pupils. I'd want to use this occasion to express my gratitude to the entire team of Poddar Brio International School for their hard work and cooperation, and I wish the school continued success in the years ahead.


The infrastructure at the school is excellent. All of the teachers, as well as the non-teaching personnel, are quite cooperative. During the tough period of the pandemic, the school implemented strict COVID guidelines for social distancing, sanitising not just the school grounds but also the limited-capacity school vehicles. It was an amazing experience.


"Every parent wants their child to have a positive learning experience. Curriculum and assignments which are of the greatest possible standards, promoting comprehensive personal growth. Teachers who are qualified, compassionate, and skilled at piqueing students' interest in learning. State-of-the-art Infrastructure. Management that is approachable and responsive to inputs.

We are delighted to have found a school that possesses these characteristics for our child. We appreciate the entire management of The Poddar Brio International School for upholding strong teaching standards and responding positively to our feedbacks."


Before Pandemic, there was no doubt about the school's reputation or the competence of the teachers; everything was fine and headed in the correct path.

It is said that gold is only truly tested in challenging situations. During the pandemic period, PBIS played a major role in keeping the students committed to their studies via online education. On online platforms, all of the teachers are giving their best. Hats off to the school administration and instructors.


I wanted to recognise and thank all of the teachers and staff at the school for their extraordinary efforts in ensuring that learning never stops for the children during these unprecedented times. To be honest, we were sceptical at first, wondering how the HRT / other Teachers would manage the children through Team classes while allowing the children to express themselves and make decisions.

We were amused to see the teachers' teaching and management skills and abilities (Joyti Pandey ma'am had a huge positive impact on our child when she was in 3F) that fairly translated into an increase in skills and learning in our child in a year.

We have always had the highest regard and respect for our Teachers and Mentors who shaped us into the people we are today, and this belief has grown stronger as we see the unsung Heroes in our lives now.

So, a heartfelt THANK YOU to YOU and your STAFF for stepping up and assisting in shaping tomorrow's futures. Wishing you and the Poddar Brio Family all the very best.


We would like to thank all teachers and support staff for their dedication to online learning during the pandemic.

I hope this trend continues in the future.


We are very pleased with the effort of teachers, especially during this difficult time of covid-19, when students are going online for their studies, which was not easy for primary school students, but with the effort of teachers, they are learning and doing well not only in academics but also in other school-sponsored activities such as poetry, speeches, and so on. Every teacher is doing his or her best. We are grateful to all of the PBIS staff for their hard work in successfully managing the class.


I like the school and the people who work there. The teachers are extremely helpful and answer all of the students' questions. Always try to boost students' confidence and encourage them to participate in various activities so that they can overcome their weaknesses. My child enjoys going to school. They manage online classes very well in that pandemic situation. My child enjoys the class, particularly the science class.

Thank you to all of the teachers and school personnel for managing all of the activities associated with studies.


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